Afton Canyon Ramblings

On a CFMS scouting trip, Bob Fitzpatrick leads a small group to a new collecting area. (59kb) Some of the group fans out to do some rockhounding. (77kb) Trying to warm up on a cool morning. (103kb) 04.jpg (57kb) A view to the east. (71kb)
This bowl surrounded by red cliffs is a good area for sagenite. (55kb) Great Basin Whiptail Lizard (121kb) jack-rabbit (64kb) If you squint you can see the Arbuckle Mine high on the south wall of Afton Canyon. (95kb) 09a.jpg (109kb)
09b.jpg (109kb) Following the Union Pacific tracks through Afton Canyon. (88kb) Oh good, a car wash. (72kb) Sunset on the north Cady Mountains. (49kb) The old fluorite mine in the north Cadys. (45kb)
14.jpg (98kb) The following are some rocks from the area. (94kb) calcite crystal (86kb) quartz crystals (73kb) A good jasper and jasp-agate collecting area. (63kb)
Looking down at the truck. (65kb) 20.jpg (50kb) 21.jpg (48kb) A quartz crystal vein. (126kb) 23.jpg (81kb)
Our favorite Afton Canyon campsite. (44kb) Sunset on Cave Mountain. (26kb) Gearing up for a hike into the backcountry. (92kb) Can you see the yoni? (107kb) This of course is Puff the Magic Dragon. (113kb)
Hiking up the wash. (89kb) Niki finds a deposit of beautiful tricolor fluorite. (112kb) 31.jpg (87kb) 32.jpg (77kb) 33.jpg (81kb)
34.jpg (47kb) 35.jpg (64kb) 36.jpg (44kb) 37.jpg (40kb) 38.jpg (48kb)
39.jpg (62kb) 40.jpg (58kb) 41.jpg (58kb) 42.jpg (59kb) 43.jpg (71kb)
44.jpg (72kb) 45.jpg (103kb) 46.jpg (62kb) 47.jpg (73kb) 48.jpg (100kb)
49.jpg (76kb) 50.jpg (62kb)      
A panoramic of Afton Canyon.