Alvord Mine & Spanish Canyon

The Alvord gold mine, at roughly 35*04.027N and 116*37.704W, offers some nice ruins and good hiking and exploring.  The mine was first located in 1885, and gradually was added to as it changed hands.  A sturdy vehicle should be able to make it to the ruins of the rock cabin.  From there you might as well hike, because the road is covered by a rock fall.  There are several foundations and partially closed adits.  We found that the hike to the top, passing the two lower level adits on the way, was well worth the effort.  The expansive glory hole at the top of the hill is still mostly open, and there are some nice copper mineral stains on the walls as well as some expansive views.
From the mine you can return to the power line road, take it east, then return north into the Alvord Hills to the mouth of Spanish Canyon at approximately 35*04.109N and 116*35.698W.  You will probably need four wheel drive to traverse the sandy wash to the head of the canyon, but it's well worth it.  There are some colorful rock formations along the way, and of course the real treat is the well preserved cut at the very head of the canyon where the pioneers using the Spanish Trail dug out the ridge to ease the passage of their wagons.  This trail was popularized by Antonio Armijo who, following Indian trails, first passed this way in 1829.  A large stone cairn marks the site.  There is also the "Old Spanish Trail" geocache in the area which we stumbled upon, the second one we've found without trying.  The canyon provides a colorful, secluded little oasis in an otherwise nasty stretch of desert.  Sit quietly and you can almost hear the creak of the wagons!
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