Ambush Canyon Minephotos

The topographic maps show a cluster of shafts, a tunnel and a spring in a remote area of the Bullion Mountains. It's this area that we are headed toward on this 100 degree day in late May. For the last four miles the Lizardmobile carefully picks its way along a steadily deteriorating road. Stops to fill eroded gullies with rocks become frequent. Gradually, the "road" simply fades into a wash and we build cairns to help us find our way out again. This is good! Most casual explorers will probably have turned around some time ago! We have the area all to ourselves. Will it be worth it?

To find out the answer, throw some frozen bottles of water in the cooler, 'cause you'll need 'em. Grab your backpack and camera, and get your trusty vehicle into four wheel drive. We're headin' out! Click on the photo link below to join us!


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