Anza-Borrego Wildflowers

Hillside off S22 near the calcite mine. (145kb) desert poppy (52kb) The yellow spot on the upper petal of the Arizona lupine turns red after pollination. (61kb) ocotillo blooms (84kb) 05.jpg (61kb)
Desert star, another The showy Arizona lupine. (67kb) brittlebush (78kb) The woody bottle-brush is less than 8 notch-leafed phacelia (70kb)
A mixture of flowers in Font's Wash with the Santa Rosa Mountains in the background. (116kb) Close-up of a sand verbena. (76kb) desert chicory (37kb) Chicory with a visitor. (60kb) desert sunflower (66kb)
A medley of sand verbena and dune primrose along Henderson Canyon Drive. (151kb) A closer look at the dune primrose. (51kb) Sand verbena up close. (67kb) A hillside of sand verbena along Henderson Canyon Drive. (153kb) wild mustard aka London rocket (60kb)
Jamie finds cracked mud in a streambed along Henderson Canyon Road. (102kb) 21.jpg (59kb) 22.jpg (137kb) 23.jpg (186kb) 24.jpg (59kb)
25.jpg (46kb) 26.jpg (33kb) 27.jpg (46kb) 28.jpg (62kb) 29.jpg (152kb)
30.jpg (121kb) 31.jpg (155kb) 31a.jpg (60kb) 31b.jpg (68kb) 32.jpg (53kb)
33.jpg (50kb) 34.jpg (74kb) 34a.jpg (60kb) 35.jpg (96kb) 36.jpg (57kb)
37.jpg (43kb) 38.jpg (82kb) 39.jpg (56kb) 41.jpg (64kb) 43.jpg (131kb)
44.jpg (110kb) 45.jpg (55kb) 46.jpg (53kb) 47.jpg (48kb) 48.jpg (55kb)
49.jpg (72kb) 50.jpg (85kb) 51.jpg (170kb) 52.jpg (65kb) 53.jpg (72kb)
54.jpg (64kb) 54a.jpg (50kb) 55.jpg (136kb) 56.jpg (77kb) 57.jpg (203kb)
58.jpg (137kb) 59.jpg (64kb) 60.jpg (56kb) 61.jpg (68kb) 62.jpg (129kb)
63.jpg (185kb) 64.jpg (73kb) 65.jpg (120kb) 66.jpg (62kb) 67.jpg (69kb)
68.jpg (67kb) 69.jpg (101kb) 70.jpg (76kb) 71.jpg (35kb)