Bird Spring & Inscription Canyon

A well hidden bird's nest. (142kb) Dirt bike rider memorial. (62kb) Niki tries to start 'er up. (68kb) memorial (137kb) 05.jpg (135kb)
06.jpg (126kb) 07.jpg (104kb) 08.jpg (124kb) Bird Spring (81kb) 10.jpg (84kb)
11.jpg (92kb) The spring was frozen. (71kb) 13.jpg (92kb) 14.jpg (80kb) 15.jpg (80kb)
16.jpg (67kb) Big horn petroglyphs at Inscription Canyon. (89kb) 18.jpg (83kb) 19.jpg (92kb) 20.jpg (68kb)
21.jpg (90kb) 22.jpg (102kb) 23.jpg (79kb) 24.jpg (75kb) 25.jpg (83kb)
26.jpg (84kb) Water still frozen in early afternoon. (77kb) moss and lichen (115kb) Miner's dugout at the old Scout's Cove opal mine. (83kb) inside (88kb)
vent hole (68kb) 32.jpg (50kb) 33.jpg (116kb) BLM has bulldozed the mine entrance. (83kb) There are still some orange opal chunks to be found. (125kb)
36.jpg (117kb) 37.jpg (110kb) 38.jpg (106kb) Driving south down Black Canyon. (73kb) 40.jpg (75kb)
At the Black Canyon petroglyph site. (82kb) 42.jpg (94kb) 43.jpg (81kb) 44.jpg (70kb) 45.jpg (91kb)
46.jpg (67kb)