Black Star Canyon Day Hike

On our way to Black Star Canyon we stopped to find the Betty Crocker's Doom geocache, which was on a hill overlooking the Oakley sunglasses factory. (69kb) Betty Crocker's Doom geocache (148kb) Betty Crocker's Doom geocache (116kb) Midway through Santiago Canyon we stopped to look for the Hanged Man's Grave geocache. (178kb) 05.jpg (165kb)
The Hanged Man's Grave geocache. (128kb) At the gate to the hiker/biker trail in Black Star Canyon Niki celebrates yet another geocache find. (161kb) Black Star Canyon Micro geocache (143kb) Heading down Black Star Canyon Road with the Santa Ana Mountains in the distance. (71kb) We find Peg's Purple Pet Cache. (157kb)
Peg's Purple Pet Cache (117kb) The winter rains had been kind to this normally parched area (82kb) granite spiny lizard (75kb) granite spiny lizard (157kb) A field of wild mustard. (130kb)
We had the feeling we were being watched. (45kb) The camo job on the Pets Cache was very effective. (146kb) We took the World Traveler #1 travel bug with us, which we later placed in the El Carmelo Travel Bug Retreat geocache. (155kb) Jamie takes a close-up of Scotch broom. (84kb) Scotch broom flower (51kb)
This orange-yellow, slender-stemmed parasite is called dodder. (191kb) 22.jpg (147kb) 23.jpg (141kb) 24.jpg (93kb) 25.jpg (45kb)
26.jpg (137kb) 27.jpg (202kb) 28.jpg (91kb) 29.jpg (86kb) 30.jpg (155kb)
31.jpg (148kb) 32.jpg (75kb) 33.jpg (69kb) 34.jpg (159kb) 35.jpg (135kb)
36.jpg (117kb) 37.jpg (99kb) 38.jpg (85kb) 39.jpg (157kb) 40.jpg (128kb)
41.jpg (154kb) 42.jpg (120kb) 43.jpg (146kb)