Botswana Banded Agate photos

Mojave, Kalahari......a desert is a desert, right? That's what Dzrtgrl Niki figured when she found herself headed to Botswana, Africa this summer...well, it was summer here but of course there it was winter! Anyway, true to her rockhound roots, she immediately planned a trip to the southern fringes of the Kalahari to hunt for the fabled Botswana banded agates. These agates have fortifications or bands that surround a central eye. The bands are multi-colored and can be found in a variety of colors including grey, white, black, lavender, red, honey and even in soft pastel tones of pink and salmon. They are indeed quite a treasure! This journey would take her from Maun, near the Okavango Delta, through the copper and nickel mining town of Selebi-Phikwe and then on to the ancient stream gravels north of Bobonong near the border of Zimbabwe.
If you click on the photo link below, you can join her on this exotic trek. You won't even need your passport, and you'll be spared the two solid days of air travel just to get to Africa!

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