Bristol Mountains Onyx

A slightly uphill 2 mile hike awaited us. (82kb) The mine is located behind the low hills in the foreground. (62kb) As we entered the hills we found a great deal of greenery in the washes. (120kb) We had no idea that there was a cabin at the site. (105kb) It's made of railroad ties, tar paper, chicken wire and concrete! (108kb)
Only the backside seems to be intact. (111kb) It was quite clean inside and had a nice wood burning stove. (81kb) We liked the way the windows hinged up. (83kb) A view of the quarry from the front window. (46kb) Although this appeared to be the main quarry, there were others all around the area. (125kb)
And now I am going to split this with my rock hammer. (158kb) This is the strawberry onyx that the site is best known for. (136kb) 13.jpg (116kb) 14.jpg (92kb) 15.jpg (113kb)
16.jpg (143kb) 17.jpg (141kb) Looking back the way we came in from the top of the hill behind the quarry. (80kb) The Kelso Dunes and Providence Mountains in the distance. (101kb) Looking down on the cabin and the interesting pink hill behind it. (103kb)
20.jpg (99kb) There is also a nice deposit of jasper and agate. (127kb) 22.jpg (113kb) 23.jpg (109kb) 24.jpg (106kb)
25.jpg (140kb) We return to our Jamie invents the snack rack. (125kb) In addition to chalcedony, there were many other intriguing rocks to be seen. (92kb) 29.jpg (119kb)
30.jpg (187kb) 31.jpg (179kb) 32.jpg (113kb) 33.jpg (146kb) 34.jpg (110kb)
35.jpg (100kb) 36.jpg (59kb) The wash near the pink hill. (122kb) Desert mistletoe. (152kb) 39.jpg (111kb)
For the return hike we decided to explore a wash rather than take the road. (123kb) 41.jpg (138kb) 42.jpg (111kb) 43.jpg (121kb) 44.jpg (128kb)
45.jpg (192kb) 46.jpg (112kb) 47.jpg (96kb) 48.jpg (87kb) 49.jpg (49kb)
50.jpg (75kb) 51.jpg (57kb) 52.jpg (103kb) 53.jpg (145kb) 54.jpg (135kb)
55.jpg (94kb) 56.jpg (182kb) 57.jpg (116kb) 58.jpg (118kb) 59.jpg (109kb)
59a.jpg (114kb) 60.jpg (131kb) 61.jpg (170kb) 62.jpg (133kb) 63.jpg (147kb)
64.jpg (181kb) 65.jpg (175kb) 66.jpg (86kb) 67.jpg (138kb) 68.jpg (171kb)
69.jpg (171kb) 70.jpg (89kb) 71.jpg (61kb) 72.jpg (57kb) 73.jpg (81kb)
74.jpg (77kb) 75.jpg (108kb) 76.jpg (72kb)