Hike to Carey's Castle - Joshua Tree National Park

Carey's Castle is deliciously remote and enigmatic. Little is known of the reclusive builder who appropriated a prehistoric Indian rock shelter and added rock and mortar walls, three windows and a door. We surmise that he was a miner from the nearby vertical shaft which shows extensive labor. From artifacts found in the cabin, including magazines, it appears that the shelter was built and inhabited in the late 1930's to early 1940's. This "Castle" was still fully furnished in 1945, and even today has a variety of historical artifacts on the shelves. Evidence of prehistoric habitation can be seen in the form of a bedrock mortar and several multi-color pictographs on the underside of the huge boulder which forms the roof. Lost Indian Tank, which is reputed to be in the vicinity, could have provided seasonal water for a small foraging family group.
Carey would have been able to drive to his "Castle" on the road which dropped down from the north. Vestiges of this road can still be found. However, since the site is now in a wilderness area in Joshua Tree National Park, the only way to get there is to hike. We won't be giving any directions, but the location of the "Castle" and the route to get there are poorly kept secrets. A little research will provide you with all the information you'll need. Our purpose here is to show you what you might see if you undertake this pilgrimage. It isn't a trip for everyone. If you go, go prepared. If you're ready right now, you can start immediately by clicking on the photo link below!


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