Cargo Muchacho Mountains

01.jpg (48kb) The entrance to Gold Rock Ranch. (52kb) 03.jpg (50kb) 04.jpg (59kb) 05.jpg (63kb)
06.jpg (57kb) 07.jpg (71kb) Information on the old Tumco site. (95kb) Algodones Dunes facts. (102kb) Big pulleys used in the mines. (99kb)
A really interesting boulder we found in the wash near the Bluebird Mine. (99kb) 12.jpg (87kb) The Bluebird Mine is up to the left. (77kb) At the top of the collecting area you can see the Algodones Dunes in the horizon to the left of the peak. (63kb) 15.jpg (58kb)
Looking down on the collecting site. (52kb) Looking down from the collecting area at the road leading to the American Girl Mine. (67kb) 18.jpg (72kb) kyanite (100kb) kyanite (114kb)
Approaching the American Girl Mine. (79kb) Tailings from the mine. (87kb) A view of the open pit strip mine. (69kb) 24.jpg (81kb) 25.jpg (83kb)
26.jpg (84kb) 27.jpg (68kb) Some copper mineral stains. (99kb) Ruins of an old cabin. (93kb) A view of the Cargo Muchacho Mountains from the Indian Pass road. (55kb)
Setting off for some petrified wood collecting. (69kb) A view of the top of Indian Pass from the collecting site. (80kb) 33.jpg (95kb) The peaks near Picacho can be seen in the distance. (73kb) Ocotillo at sunset. (42kb)
Cholla ablaze with the rays of the setting sun. (82kb) 37.jpg (80kb) Back at the campsite. (49kb)    
Panoramic of the Bluebird kyanite collecting area.