Catalina Island Wildflowers

Yes, Niki, we're not in the desert anymore! (45kb) An hour and a half later, we find ourselves in Avalon Harbor. (85kb) 03.jpg (116kb) Obviously we've temporarily traded in our truck bed for a cushy condo in Hamilton Beach. (102kb) 05.jpg (65kb)
This local stubborn buffalo has finally met its match. (71kb) As we hiked out of town, we got some great views of the harbor and the city of Avalon. (123kb) 08.jpg (109kb) After a steady climb up Wrigley Road we arrive at the Renton Mine Road. (154kb) Our destination was the old Renton gold mine, perched in the hills on the east end of the island. (118kb)
The climbing was gradual and the wildflowers were spectacular. (108kb) Catalina mariposa lily (55kb) Catalina mariposa lily (55kb) Great ocean views were found around every corner. (108kb) Ladybug at rest. (49kb)
Indian paintbrush (151kb) Indian paintbrush (95kb) Along the way we find the Salt Point geocache. (59kb) Salt Point geocache (109kb) A hillside covered in silver lotus. (191kb)
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