Corn Spring Petroglyphs

Looking up the wash toward Corn Spring. (53kb) Stopped at the first petroglyphs we found. (99kb) These appear to be older as there is revarnishing. (77kb) 04.jpg (86kb) We drove a little further west to the main petroglyph area. (97kb)
The north side of the wash. (90kb) 07.jpg (82kb) 08.jpg (81kb) 09.jpg (66kb) 10.jpg (86kb)
11.jpg (78kb) Some historic graffiti. (100kb) 13.jpg (88kb) 14.jpg (85kb) Some of the more intricate panels are on the south side. (61kb)
16.jpg (72kb) Small animal vertebrae. (80kb) 18.jpg (84kb) Looking south beyond the petroglyphs. (68kb) A view of Corn Spring from the south petroglyph site. (63kb)
A scaly inhabitant. (56kb) 22.jpg (88kb) The campground. (82kb) 24.jpg (57kb) Surprisingly the ocotillos were in bloom. (101kb)
26.jpg (42kb) Little Chad Mill site. (52kb) This appears to be some sort of water retrieval system. (101kb) 29.jpg (88kb) 30.jpg (68kb)
31.jpg (83kb) 32.jpg (73kb) Nothing like an easychair after a hard days prospecting. (73kb) The back side of the cabin. (79kb) The back porch. (76kb)
36.jpg (63kb) The log book. (14kb) Inside the locked portion of the cabin. (55kb) Can dump near Aztec Well. (126kb) The windmill was hard at work today. (56kb)
Stopping to explore one of the washes. (71kb) Niki takes a picture of a fishook cactus. (79kb) 43.jpg (83kb) Stumpy the lizard. (53kb) A colorful barrel cactus. (134kb)
An interesting piece of Ironwood in the wash. (118kb) Big cholla. (97kb) We're guessing a hedgehog cactus. (140kb) Interesting sandstone and conglomerate outcrop. (66kb) lunchtime (72kb)