Easter Wash Petroglyphs photos

No, that's not the real name of the wash, if it even has one. But it was Easter Sunday, and we had just backpacked over rolling terrain to arrive at our target area, located somewhere in the Rodman Mountains. The GPS waypoints we were following were based on guesswork, previous practical experience, and a clue. We were looking for petroglyphs. Although it was such a beautiful day, and the desert was such a veritable flower shop of wildflowers, that we wouldn't have cared if we found any petros or not. But we did! We found site after site. They weren't huge groupings, but they were very nice. And, they were ours! There's nothing like the joy of discovery, or in this case rediscovery. Sometime in the past there has been a small amount of vandalism. Of course I'm sure the BLM also knows these are here, but they aren't telling anybody. Neither are we! Since this was our day of discovery we got to create place names. The wash became Easter Wash. The junction of two washes became The "Y". The wide wash became Wide Wash. It's nice being an explorer!

The photos that follow will take you to the sites that we found. We'll also show you some of the extraordinary wildflower displays, a few lizards, a desert tortoise, and other odds and ends. We wish we could have gotten a photograph of the huge swarm of bees that sounded like a freight train as it bore down the wash in which we were hiking. As it rushed at us we felt a jolt of adrenalin as if we had just ingested ten double shot cappuccinos. We had visions of us looking like pin cushions. Fortunately, those bees had big business somewhere else and just kept on roaring along.

Click on the link below for our photos of this first trip to Easter Wash. Yes, we've kept the door open for a sequel!


Click here for photos.