Fish Creek Wash to Sandstone Canyon

A formation called the Anticline that was caused by a massive submarine landslide 5 millions years ago. (86kb) Hiking up the mud hills. (175kb) mud hills (96kb) 04.jpg (103kb) 05.jpg (77kb)
Looking down at Fish Creek Wash. (76kb) Some poor critter is probably realy mad. (86kb) 08.jpg (85kb) We hike into Blackwood Basin, so named for the abundance of petrified wood. (103kb) Sandstone Canyon has been called the queen of all desert washes and can be driven for several miles. (75kb)
11.jpg (65kb) Some potent defensive weapons. (132kb) Wildflowers in bloom. (88kb) Continuing up Sandstone Canyon. (115kb) cholla (173kb)
16.jpg (92kb) ocotillo (105kb) 18.jpg (70kb) 19.jpg (45kb) The desert sure is a spiny place. (162kb)
Interesting erosion. (120kb)