Ford and Ord Belt Mines & Sidewinder Quarry

desert canterbury bells (117kb) The upper adit of the Ford Mine. (121kb) Inside the adit. (56kb) Being a plant is tough up here. (101kb) They don't call it Grandview for nothing. (91kb)
more spring wildflowers (114kb) 07.jpg (148kb) A yucca in bloom. (112kb) A little horned friend. (121kb) 10.jpg (125kb)
At the Ord Belt Mine location. (108kb) Cactus in bloom. (116kb) 13.jpg (144kb) Looking down at the Jeep. (103kb) exploring (109kb)
We find a tunnel. (133kb) Entering the tunnel. (82kb) A rock fall ahead brings a halt to our exploration. (74kb) 19.jpg (79kb) Returning to the entrance. (64kb)
Caved in shaft. (102kb) foundations and debris (105kb) Niki down in the can dump. (135kb) Frame for a precarious outhouse. (141kb) hedgehog cactus (147kb)
guzzler (93kb) Sheep on the flats near the Sidewinder Quarry. (72kb) Indian paintbrush near the quarry. (131kb) 29.jpg (135kb) Looking down at the tri-color marble quarry. (117kb)
The road in. (99kb) Niki with a large piece of tri-color marble. (108kb) Tri-color marble found at the Sidewinder Quarry. (99kb) Another piece of tri-color marble. (99kb)  (99kb)
Bugeye rhyolite from the Grandview Mine area. (99kb) More bugeye rhyolite. (108kb) bugeye rhyolite  (99kb)