Fossil Trackways & the Kingston Range

Silver Lake Cemetery (73kb) Looking northwest from site of Riggs. (63kb) Cistern at Riggs. (88kb) From the can dump at Riggs. (122kb) Silurian Hills mine site. (90kb)
Exploring the mine site. (67kb) Unexplained pile of wings on tunnel floor. (107kb) quartz crystals (105kb) Cabin near the mine. (93kb) Near the front door. (75kb)
Inside the cabin.  Cozy, huh? (58kb) Another inside shot. (60kb) One of the locals. (48kb) Room with a view. (22kb) A view of the campsite east of Shoshone. (55kb)
Dugout near the campsite. (74kb) They must have been short little guys. (62kb) Should we put the sofa over there? (37kb) Late afternoon near the campsite. (41kb) Trying to find those pupfish. (64kb)
We discover the might Armagosa. (72kb) Hills awash in the glow of the setting sun. (40kb) It doesn't get any better than this! (25kb) Friday night campsite. (33kb) Al at the campfire. (36kb)
Bob adds wood to the fire as Roms and Allan supervise. (32kb) Ken leads us through the fossil trackways. (63kb) Mastodon tracks. (122kb) Can dump and miner's dugout at Dublin City. (104kb) Toby leads Al and Ken through the tri-level dugout. (46kb)
The spectacular road cut east of Shoshone. (104kb) One of a legion of horseflies that followed us everywhere. (100kb) The ore chute at the War Eagle Mine. (85kb) The entrance to the War Eagle Mine. (112kb) Jamie, Allan, Sue and Al in the War Eagle. (56kb)
Machinery in a side tunnel. (52kb) Tracks into the mountains at the War Eagle. (42kb) Machinery at the Columbia Mine. (78kb) 40.jpg (72kb) Noonday ore shoot and funicular leading to the T&T tracks. (95kb)
Saturday night campsite at the backdoor to the War Eagle. (70kb) The Desert Explorers swapping stories before dinner. (78kb) Inside of the backdoor of the War Eagle. (42kb) Stromatolite showing holes formed by algal gas when this area was covered by an ancient shallow sea. (141kb) The climb to Tecopa Pass. (83kb)
Nolina with Mojave yucca in upper right. (132kb) 48.jpg (132kb) 49.jpg (93kb) 50.jpg (80kb) 51.jpg (87kb)
52.jpg (70kb) 53.jpg (117kb) 54.jpg (69kb) 55.jpg (124kb) 56.jpg (122kb)
57.jpg (104kb) 58.jpg (50kb) 59.jpg (88kb) 60.jpg (118kb) 61.jpg (56kb)