Fort Irwin Rocks photos

Ft. Irwin rockpileSince 9-11 the security at Fort Irwin has been ramped up to the point where virtually no visitations to the old rock collecting areas have been possible. You can imagine our surprise, then, when Donald Kasper sent us an email inviting us along on a research sponsored dig there. Donald, with an endorsement by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, has been collecting and photographing the Fort Irwin agates for the UNL Agateagate Lexicon. The fact that Fort Irwin would actually allow wild eyed, hammer wielding rockhounds to descend upon it seemed too good to be true! If you'd like to join us for a visit to this unique location then grab your virtual rock hammer and click on the photo link below. Don't pay any attention to the machine gun fire from the nearby ranges or the occasional low flying helicopter, they're just part of the Fort Irwin experience!


Click here for photos.