Gold Basin

Vinagre Wash (68kb) Cactus blossom with beetle. (60kb) interesting driftwood (89kb) Petrified palm and ancient seabed materials. (63kb) petrified palm (74kb)
This could possibly be another outcrop of Paleozoic coral. (100kb) 07.jpg (91kb) Spring time blooms. (90kb) barrel cactus (111kb) Interesting tubular formation and petrified palm. (106kb)
petridied palm (91kb) baby barrel (80kb) Cholla attacks Niki. (70kb) Beavertail with Buzzards Peak in the background. (87kb) Buzzards Peak (84kb)
Niki toils up the sloap. (91kb) A view from the top of Buzzards Peak. (52kb) many-spined fishook cactus (88kb) This looks to be a broad-leafed lotus. (84kb) 20.jpg (68kb)
Addit at Gold Basin. (77kb) Inside the tunnel. (54kb) Looking towards the shaft, arrastre and tank. (73kb) 24.jpg (69kb) 25.jpg (102kb)
26.jpg (79kb) Looking down the shaft. (65kb) Some copper mineral stained rocks. (101kb) Approaching the end of the road. (65kb) Parked at the last prospect pit. (80kb)
More copper minerals. (107kb) Ocotillo in bloom. (80kb) beavertail cactus (114kb) Leaving Gold Basin. (90kb) We encounter two cross country cyclists. (75kb)
It's lunch time in the desert. (109kb) The ugly side of Black Mountain. (55kb) 38.jpg (58kb) But the good side was worth it. (37kb) 40.jpg (47kb)
41.jpg (46kb) 42.jpg (46kb) As we left Glamis the desert blooms were impressive. (74kb) Jamie admires the sand verbena. (57kb) 45.jpg (89kb)
46.jpg (93kb)