Williams Well (42kb) It's a long way down to the water. (46kb) 03.jpg (109kb) Tunnel entrance. (108kb) Going into the mountain. (75kb)
The carving says, NO OKIES - NO WINOS. (52kb) Niki figures out she still has her sunglasses on.   (61kb) A return to the surface. (6kb) It doesn't look like turquoise but the GPS said that this was close to the site of the Chut Turquoise Mine. (144kb) 10.jpg (152kb)
Looking down at the Jeep. (106kb) Part of the ruins in the area. (139kb) ore hopper (65kb) Close-up of the chute. (60kb) A storage area for blasting powder. (75kb)
16.jpg (91kb) 17.jpg (73kb) Adit high on the hillside. (79kb) A view toward the Goldstone Deep Space Tracking Facility. (43kb) Our campsite on the ridge. (93kb)
We were glad we brought wood for a campfire. (110kb) You can't hand hold a timed exposure of a full moon. (17kb) This one turned out better. (5kb) Sunrise with a full moon still visible over the tent. (82kb) One of the big dish antennas can be seen peeping over the ridge. (56kb)
desert tortoise shell (141kb) Debris around mind near campsite. (112kb) 28.jpg (138kb) Mine entrance. (111kb) A little further in. (77kb)
A foundation at the larger mine due south of the campsite. (89kb) Top of old kerosene heater. (135kb) can dump (91kb) What appears to be an old ice box. (116kb) mine site (70kb)
arrastre (86kb) Jamie exits the mine entrance. (55kb) shaft (58kb) debris (110kb) prehistoric technology (119kb)
Cards anyone? (137kb) Pickup grill.  The bed is in the water tank behind it. (108kb) If this keeps up we'll have the whole truck! (91kb) A foundation at the Goldstone townsite. (119kb) The ground was littered with glass fragments. (159kb)
bicycle frame (159kb) clamps (133kb) valve cover (106kb) front steps (89kb) Looking down deep shaft. (96kb)
The shaft itself. (53kb) Jamie taking in Superior Dry Lake. (30kb) 53.jpg (39kb)    
Superior Dry Lake