Harper Flat: The Return photos

Harper Flat is a remote area that is filled with echoes of the past. On our last trip there (Harper Flat, Anza-Borrego) we were lucky enough to locate one of the ancient Kumeyaay village sites and two yonis. For this trip we would explore a different route into Harper Flat. We would hike up Pinyon Canyon from the trailhead at the end of Pinyon Wash. This would take us to a different area of the Flat. Hopefully, we would be able to find the extensive remains of the large Kumeyaay village site that is reputed to be there. Were we successful? You'll have to come along with us to find out! Click on the link below to take part in this adventure!

Note: We'd like to thank Paul Coari, a veteran explorer of Harper and Hapaha Flats, for his inspiration and for his valuable insights.


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