Howe's Tank Revisited & More

On the hike out to the tank we came across some lavender lichen. (78kb) More lichen. (73kb) Approaching the tank we found this interesting digitate anthropomorph petroglyph. (69kb) These interesting grooves also caught our eye. (81kb) Niki takes a picture of her shadow on the ice covered water below. (44kb)
This is what we came to see, water in the tank. (57kb) 07.jpg (65kb) Interesting ice pattern. (41kb) The ice made for some good reflections. (64kb) Yep, it's solid ice! (31kb)
11.jpg (34kb) Some petroglyphs on the far west side of the Howe's Tank site. (70kb) 13.jpg (53kb) A squeak from Niki turned out to be caused by a desert spiny lizard. (64kb) From the size of this one, we wouldn't be surprised if it had eaten its own tail! (80kb)
16.jpg (63kb) 17.jpg (67kb) 18.jpg (48kb) 19.jpg (53kb) 20.jpg (41kb)
21.jpg (56kb) 22.jpg (85kb) 23.jpg (73kb) 24.jpg (88kb) 25.jpg (74kb)
26.jpg (103kb) 27.jpg (73kb) 28.jpg (65kb) 29.jpg (69kb) 30.jpg (68kb)
31.jpg (63kb) 32.jpg (60kb) 33.jpg (87kb) 34.jpg (66kb) 35.jpg (91kb)
36.jpg (67kb) 37.jpg (73kb) 38.jpg (78kb) 39.jpg (30kb) 40.jpg (61kb)
41.jpg (71kb) 42.jpg (61kb) 43.jpg (60kb) 44.jpg (45kb) 45.jpg (60kb)
46.jpg (59kb) 47.jpg (46kb) 48.jpg (60kb) 49.jpg (47kb) 50.jpg (69kb)
51.jpg (61kb) 52.jpg (60kb) 53.jpg (105kb) 54.jpg (52kb) 55.jpg (53kb)
56.jpg (51kb) 57.jpg (60kb) 58.jpg (79kb) 59.jpg (40kb) 60.jpg (85kb)
61.jpg (68kb) 62.jpg (16kb) 63.jpg (77kb) 64.jpg (93kb) 65.jpg (65kb)
66.jpg (79kb) 67.jpg (63kb) 68.jpg (45kb) 69.jpg (102kb) 70.jpg (64kb)
71.jpg (58kb) 72.jpg (54kb) 73.jpg (65kb) 74.jpg (104kb)