The Hunt for Butcher's Cave - Joshua Tree National Park photos

view from Butcher's CaveA weak cold front is pushing through Joshua Tree National Park this morning and bringing with it cooler temperatures and a dark, leaden sky.  As we crunch our way up a wash and into the wilderness area, the sun makes a feeble attempt at lighting up the sky.  It's not an auspicious beginning but we're brimming with enthusiasm because we're on a hunt for one of the more elusive destinations that Joshua Tree has to offer.  Supposedly, in the 1920's, a cave was found in a remote corner of the park that contained close to fifty big horn sheep skulls and horns.  Apparently, as the story goes, an anthropologist speculated that this might have been a ceremonial offering site for prehistoric big horn sheep hunters.  We've not been able, however, to find any documentation whatsoever pertaining to the cave, and we've been trying hard.  Our queries to the park service are still unanswered.  So, whether there's any truth to the legend, the reality remains that this is certainly one of the tougher spots to locate!  Today, we think we've cracked the puzzle and are hopeful that we'll attain our goal.  We're joined in our quest by our good friend and avid JTNP explorer, David, who is always up for an adventure and who has already made one unsuccessful foray into the area.

hornsWhether we locate the cave or not, we're at least guaranteed of seeing some spectacular scenery in a very remote region. If you want to join us this morning, all you have to do is click on the photo link below. It's going to be a rugged hike, though, so you might want to raid the refrigerator for a snack and limber up your wrist for a tough session of mouse clicking!

Note: As with all good "lost" locations, it's better that they stay that way. Consequently, the absence of hints or directions in our trip report is intentional. Heck, if we can find it, so can you!




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