Ibex Hills Talc Mines and Ibex Springs

The colorful Ibex Hills are made even more appealing by the snow-like splashes of talc left at the site of the old mines. These white beacons had often caught our eye as we passed by. Today we're going to explore three of these mines as well as the historic oasis of Ibex Springs.
Last night we stayed too long at Saratoga Springs, and were lucky to find a snug campsite in the dark. This morning we'll start our explorations from that camp at the eastern trailhead to the Superior Mine. From the Superior we'll drive to Ibex Springs to explore the remnants of past mining camps that set up shop at this little oasis. In the afternoon our plan is to check out the Pleasanton and the Monarch Mines. It should be a great day filled with superb scenery, history and ruins aplenty! If you'd like to skip all the sand, rough roads and hiking, you can get started right away by clicking on the photo link below!


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