Indian Hill Pictographs photos

Blue Sun Cave at Indian Hill is a magical spot. We have visited several Indian sites in Anza Borrego, but none are as compelling as this one. Its location and the artistry of those responsible for the pictographs themselves combine to create a sense of timelessness that tends to blur the concept of past and present. This lonely sentinel was once the hub of a large area of Indian use. Archaeologists tell us that this site has been inhabited as far back as 6,000 years ago by the Kumeyaay and their ancestors. Now all is quiet.

Be sure to prowl around the entire area, for there is more there than just the pictograph cave. There are several locations where the boulders are covered in morteros. In places the natural features of a boulder have been augmented to create a yoni, the representation of fertility. There is also the large overhanging rock which creates a cavernous living space that was rich in artifacts during its excavation. Some further wandering will also turn up a cozy rock shelter with some stones still in place at the doorway. The more we explored the more we found. As always, sites such as this must be treated with the utmost respect. Take nothing but pictures and memories.

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