Indian Pass

Arches off of old Palo Verde Road. (61kb) 02.jpg (79kb) Parked at Pastelite Hill. (60kb) An intersting conglomerate at Pastelite Hill. (70kb) Karen Hyduke memorial. (73kb)
07.jpg (75kb) Manganese prospect. (81kb) 09.jpg (79kb) The prehistoric trail at the top of Indian Pass. (72kb) ceremonial circle (83kb)
One of the mysterious scratched rocks. (112kb) 13.jpg (102kb) 14.jpg (96kb) 15.jpg (79kb) Looking down into Gavilan Wash. (50kb)
Another view of the wash. (58kb) On the way to the river. (43kb) 19.jpg (58kb) 20.jpg (59kb) Niki looks over the Colorado River. (70kb)
22.jpg (42kb) The 4-S Beach Camp within the Picacho State Recreation Area. (36kb) 24.jpg (59kb) 25.jpg (65kb) 26.jpg (40kb)
27.jpg (49kb)