Jacumba Half Day

Mica Gem mill site. (109kb) ore hopper (94kb) 03.jpg (140kb) Looking south toward Interstate 8. (77kb) Lots of mica still covers the ground at the old mill site. (158kb)
The abundance of wildflowers attracted hungry bees. (86kb) 07.jpg (113kb) Recent rains had turned portions of the roads into a rutted quagmire. (143kb) 09.jpg (111kb) Not much remains at the site of the Little Randsburg Mine. (122kb)
forget-me-nots (80kb) Anyone know what this mystery plant is? (88kb) While hiking around the Little Randsburg we found numerous pegmatite veins. (95kb) 14.jpg (107kb) The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park boundary zigs and zags throughout the area. (156kb)
mica on feldspar (99kb) colorful lichen (127kb) Patches of moss could be found in shaded nooks on rocks. (133kb) Table Mountain, an ancient volcano, is a sacred site to the Kumeyaay Indians. (70kb) A small rock shelter on a ridge just north of Table Mountain. (87kb)
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