Kern River Rock Art photos

pictographThe Kern River, which runs through the southern Sierra foothills, is a veritable treasure trove of interesting pictograph sites. Today, even though it's cold, windy and wet, a small group from the Kern County Archaeology Society will be exploring several of these. We've joined them at Isabella Lake and are on our way to the best spot of the day. This site is on a section of a vertical granite rock face which looks down on the Kern River below and is composed of very large elements painted in black, white and red. It's a Tubatulabal site named palakuc, which describes it as a good fishing site. It was recorded in 1929 that there was also an old Indian mound there that had since been leveled. If the weather holds, we also hope to locate nearby a very unusual petroglyph location. Petroglyphs are seldom found along the Kern River as this area is dominated by its vast collection of pictographs. Finally, another small pictograph boulder adjacent to a food preparation location will round out our day.

So, if you like pictographs and wet weather, throw a tarp over your computer and put on your rain jacket! The Dzrtgrls are headin' for the misty high country! Just squish, we mean click, on the photo link below whenever you've got everything waterproofed!




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