Kofa Queen Canyon - Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Arizonaphotos

skull rock campfire in Kofa NWRAs we leave the Stone Cabin site adjacent to Highway 95, we run through our options for the rest of the day. Its around noon already, so we want a place that we can get to fairly quickly and where we can find a good spot to camp for the night. The Palm Canyon area looks like it would be fun, but not a great spot for camping and also too many people around for our taste. Kofa Queen Canyon, on the other hand, looks like it would be ideal. Its off the beaten path, has lots of nooks and crannies for camping, is supposed to be quite scenic with its high walls and colorful rock formations and as a bonus is known to be home to lots of wildlife. Well, that was an easy decision! Consequently, although were taking the Palm Canyon Road turnoff from the highway and are heading toward Signal Mountain and Palm Canyon, were really looking for the turn off to the smaller road which meanders up the alluvial fan and then enters Kofa Queen Canyon proper. There it is! Even though we dont have a lot of time today, were hoping that this will prove to be a great choice. Come on along and see for yourself! Just click on the photo link below and you can scrunch right into the virtual seat in the back of the truck! Here we go!

You can check out a slideshow of the trip below.