Lavic Lake to Mystery Townsite

After a wonderful night at our Lavic Lake campsite, the sun slowly illuminated our little world and nudged us into action. Today we would try to find the site of an old town that had been home to railroad men as well as miners. The discovery of this site, though, would present a problem for us. Although not much more can be seen than crumbling foundations, piles of rusted soldered cans and eroded wooden posts, it's what's below ground that has placed us in this difficult situation. And there is a lot below ground! As we prowled the sprawling remnant of the townsite, we came upon several pits where bottle hunters had dug into the old outhouse locations and uncovered tangible evidence of the daily lives of the people here in the early 1900's. There were pieces of colorful broken china, old kerosene lamp parts, old spark plugs, telephone line insulators, numerous remnants of a variety of bottle types, and so on. It was literally like visiting a museum. The difficulty is that we'd like you to see what we saw through our pictures, but in order to keep the townsite from being overrun by shovel wielding curio seekers we will have to keep its name and location a mystery. Remember, the Dzrtgrls motto is "Find it, Leave it." So, if you'd like to visit the site of the mystery town and check out the "open air below ground museum pits," then click on the photo link below! And if you do stumble upon this site or any others, please leave everything intact so that others may also enjoy the thrill of discovery. It's your desert. Take care of it!
Click here for photos.