Little Blair Valley Pictographs

The Oceanside astronomy club arrives at Little Blair Lake. (60kb) Before setting up camp we came upon many, many legged friends. (92kb) 03.jpg (98kb) Unfortunately at sunset the clouds rolled in. (41kb) The silver lining was a colorful sunset. (39kb)
Is it a cloud, or is it a UFO? (27kb) A few diehards prepare to set up their scopes, but there is too much cloud cover for good viewing. (33kb) Early the next morning we hike through the pass to the pictograph rock. (49kb) Along the way we see another many legged critter. (103kb) Could this be an alien from the UFO cloud we saw last night. (92kb)
The red pigment and snake symbols are common motifs for puberty rites of Indian girls. (60kb) 12.jpg (59kb) 13.jpg (93kb) A nearby mortero. (65kb) Further down the wash we come to the site of the Indian villiage near Smuggler Canyon. (70kb)
Pottery is found throughout the area. (37kb) 17.jpg (38kb) This large boulder was literally covered with morteros. (58kb) 19.jpg (66kb) Many more morteros are to be found among the surrounding rocks. (78kb)
21.jpg (89kb) 22.jpg (84kb) banded rock lizard (85kb) Approaching the dropoff into Smuggler Canyon. (47kb) Another banded rock lizard keeps an eye on us. (64kb)
A great view into Carrizo Valley and the green smudge of the Vajecito Stage Station. (53kb) agave (60kb) bird's nest (129kb)