Little Petroglyph Canyon

Joel's cowboy breakfast was a big hit. (112kb) Yep, deader than a doornail.  However, we got a chance to use our macro lens on some of the stationary butterflies glued to Joel's grill.  (93kb) Yes!  Jamie's first butterfly macro. (51kb) Push starting had no effect on the Cruiser. (74kb) Tow starting was a success and we were off to Little Petroglyph Canyon. (89kb)
Joel pointed out that the petroglyph icon has apparently undergone a sex change operation.  See pic 10 for the pre-op version. (56kb) This boulder marks the beginning of the Little Petroglyph Canyon trail. (137kb) There are many different interpretations among scholars of the meanings of the petroglyphs you are about to see.  David Whitley's book Following the Shaman's Path provides one interpretation of the petroglyphs found in the canyon. (114kb) This petroglyph can be dated to no earlier than 1,500 years ago because the bow and arrow were introduced at that time. (105kb) Over Joel's shoulder is a stylized representation of the rattlesnakes that gave the shaman his powers. (131kb)
The diamond chain is a universal motif in rock art to represent rattlesnakes. (116kb) 12.jpg (127kb) 13.jpg (111kb) Notice the bighorn impaled by two arrow or atlatl shafts. (111kb) 15.jpg (126kb)
16.jpg (131kb) 17.jpg (142kb) 18.jpg (143kb) shaman representations (142kb) 20.jpg (142kb)
Niki checks out a vision quest structure. (121kb) 22.jpg (123kb) 23.jpg (136kb) These survey markers were placed by CSU Fresno to aid in 3 dimensionally mapping the entire canyon, and serve as reference marks while hiking. (134kb) 25.jpg (112kb)
26.jpg (100kb) 27.jpg (91kb) 28.jpg (125kb) 29.jpg (112kb) 30.jpg (127kb)
31.jpg (88kb) 32.jpg (84kb) 33.jpg (88kb) 34.jpg (64kb) 35.jpg (90kb)
36.jpg (125kb) 37.jpg (135kb) 38.jpg (135kb) 39.jpg (135kb) 40.jpg (94kb)
41.jpg (95kb) 42.jpg (101kb) 43.jpg (108kb) 44.jpg (60kb) 45.jpg (134kb)
46.jpg (151kb) 47.jpg (101kb) 48.jpg (118kb) 49.jpg (97kb) 50.jpg (102kb)
51.jpg (102kb) 52.jpg (78kb) 53.jpg (124kb) 54.jpg (116kb) 55.jpg (133kb)
56.jpg (88kb) 57.jpg (81kb) 58.jpg (106kb) 59.jpg (92kb) 60.jpg (113kb)
61.jpg (85kb) 62.jpg (85kb) 63.jpg (50kb) 64.jpg (117kb) 64a.jpg (72kb)
65.jpg (62kb) 66.jpg (99kb) 67.jpg (117kb) 68.jpg (50kb) 69.jpg (94kb)
70.jpg (132kb) 71.jpg (54kb) 72.jpg (89kb)