Mammoth Hike

Getting ready for the shuttle bus to the trailhead. (85kb) The Forgues clan ready to hit the trail. (100kb) On the trail. (102kb) Waterfall near base camp. (118kb) Setting up camp. (76kb)
View from the tent. (101kb) Melting snows swelled the river. (108kb) Indian paintbrush (93kb) Route planning for the hike to Thousand Island Lake. (76kb) How many Forgues family members does it take to plan a route?! (83kb)
Waterfall near camp. (93kb) 12.jpg (144kb) Niki fishing. (107kb) 14.jpg (90kb) Starting the climb to Thousand Island Lake. (74kb)
There was plenty of good scenery. (84kb) Ice fishing, anyone? (46kb) marmot (80kb) We arrive at Thousand Island Lake. (87kb) 20.jpg (74kb)
There was still ice on the lakes. (52kb) Love the bridge! (67kb) Fishing at Emerald Lake. (98kb) The first catch. (93kb) The big one. (86kb)
Niki lands the biggest one of the day. (89kb) Trout for dinner. (60kb) 28.jpg (103kb) Ants on wildflower. (68kb) Warming up back at camp. (95kb)
The resident marmot. (84kb) 32.jpg (93kb) A sunset view of camp from the spooky ol' tree. (60kb) A perfect reflection on the way back to the trailhead. (114kb) Ready for a shower! (99kb)