Marble Mountains

A view of the car where we started our explorations. (85kb) Hematite and epidote in close proximity. (105kb) A showy specimen of hematite and epidote. (97kb) hematite (92kb) Scat and tracks of big horn sheep. (117kb)
hematite and quartz (87kb) A showy specimen. (102kb) Some of the scenery. (96kb) Epidote vein. (102kb) 10.jpg (106kb)
More scenery. (86kb) garnet crystals (89kb) Looking down from Niki's route up the mountain. (60kb) View from the top. (40kb) Looking over the ridge to the west. (70kb)
More hematite. (107kb) epidote (88kb) If you squint real hard you'll see a big horn sheep. (40kb) Notice the barrel cacti dotting the hillside. (67kb) Our campsite. (72kb)
The rosy glow of sunset. (71kb) 22.jpg (29kb) 23.jpg (33kb) Niki feeding the fire. (37kb) The first trilobite collecting site. (69kb)
Some of the diggings. (99kb) Niki digs in. (124kb) Trilobite shale. (140kb) Look closely and you can see some of the fossil imprints. (101kb) scenery (79kb)
The second trilobite collecting site. (94kb) It's a long, steep hike. (112kb) Members of YVGMS. (111kb) As we left we admired the artistic Cadiz sign. (61kb) The mysterious shoe tree. (58kb)
Historic Route 66 (113kb)