McCoy Spring Petroglyphs

The drive to the wilderness boundary is slow and a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle would be the best choice. (84kb) Exploring near camp we found this ironwood snag lit up by the sunset.  (98kb) Looking east toward the McCoy Mountains at sunset. (37kb) Setting up camp. (43kb) The sun setting over the Palen Mountains. (16kb)
Keeping warm. (58kb) Sunrise from our truck bed. (25kb) At 7:00 AM we pointed our noses north and started hiking.  We hoped the tire tracks were made by a BLM ranger. (54kb) Long shadows in the morning. (138kb) At the 3 mile point we turned northwest toward our goal, some 2 miles distant. (94kb)
After two hours of hiking the cairn tells us we have arrived at the McCoy Spring site. (102kb) Even the Indians realized the importance of casting their vote. (85kb) One of many petroglyph boulders on the south side of the main wash. (129kb) Most of the petroglyphs were found along both sides of the side wash where McCoy Spring is located. (92kb) 15.jpg (136kb)
These digitate anthropomorphs are characteristic of Yuman rock art. (126kb) 17.jpg (77kb) 18.jpg (126kb) 19.jpg (92kb) 20.jpg (111kb)
21.jpg (133kb) 22.jpg (94kb) Love the lizard petro. (112kb) fishhook cactus  (101kb) Tiny tadpoles in a water filled depression in the wash. (93kb)
26.jpg (82kb) 27.jpg (107kb) 28.jpg (62kb) The Indians believed that lizards were associated with the supernatural because of their ability to enter into cracks which led to the spirit world. (102kb) 30.jpg (114kb)
31.jpg (125kb) 32.jpg (127kb) 33.jpg (126kb) 34.jpg (113kb) 35.jpg (109kb)
36.jpg (105kb) 37.jpg (130kb) 38.jpg (143kb) 39.jpg (98kb) 40.jpg (83kb)
41.jpg (108kb) 42.jpg (109kb) 43.jpg (109kb) 44.jpg (121kb) 45.jpg (74kb)
46.jpg (42kb) 47.jpg (57kb) 48.jpg (104kb) 49.jpg (82kb) 50.jpg (96kb)
51.jpg (68kb) 52.jpg (65kb) 53.jpg (105kb) 54.jpg (95kb) 55.jpg (108kb)
56.jpg (54kb)