A Mogollon Rim Smorgasbordphotos

trees with viewHeading to Arizona in the summer makes about as much sense as camping on a Louisiana beach during hurricane season. However, those crafty Dzrtgrls have a plan. High above sweltering Phoenix lies the cool and verdant Mogollon Rim country. At 6,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level, this makes for a most pleasant summer destination. What's there, though, you ask? The answer to that one is easy, "Lots!" Just as a good Swedish smorgasbord provides an eclectic variety of hot and cold dishes, so will the Mogollon high country unfold a variety of delights for us. Clicking on the photo links below will punch your ticket for a virtual ride-along with the Dzrtgrls as they hunt for spectacular quartz crystals, marine fossils, an isolated 1880's gravesite, lovely wildflowers, the Baca graves, prehistoric Black Canyon Rock Shelter, the Polimana Pictographs, and the most colorful eastern collared lizard that you're ever likely to see. That sounds tasty, doesn't it!



Photos Day 1

Photos Day 2

Photos Days 3 & 4