The Moorehouse Mine photos

Our target for today is the Moorehouse Mine, the queen of the Ibex talc mines. It's so photogenic that it graces the covers of many books dealing with Death Valley mines. We can hardly wait, but after a cold, windy night we luxuriate in our sleeping bags as the rising sun begins to give off the warmth that we crave. Finally, as the sun inches relentlessly above the Saddle Peak Hills to the east, we are lured up by the thought of breakfast, which we eat as we survey the desert below us from our lofty campsite. We can easily see the Ibex Dunes far to the southeast. No one is in sight. We recall that we have seen only one vehicle for the three days that we've been here. People don't know what they're missing, but we're just as glad that we'll have the day to ourselves. Of course you're invited! You don't want to miss the distinctive twin ore shoots of the Moorehouse! Click on that photo link below to get started.


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