Mule Canyon & Mule Tank Petroglyphs

Approaching the Mule Mountains from Blythe. (24kb) 02.jpg (82kb) Two prehistoric trails coming from the Colorado River converge here. (88kb) These are thought to be dance circles alongside the trail. (116kb) A single trail then runs to Mule Tank. (90kb)
pottery (104kb) Samples of the petroglyphs from Mule Tank. (63kb) The 09.jpg (104kb) weavil (108kb)
11.jpg (84kb) 12.jpg (81kb) We believe this is a baby Chuckwalla. (96kb) 14.jpg (95kb) The femal shaman. (71kb)
A closeup of her. (104kb) The Jamie signing the Geocache log book near the dropoff to Mule Tank. (111kb) Jamie in the bottom of the tank. (103kb) Looking down into the tank from above. (118kb)
Niki under what would be a torrential waterfall in the rainy season. (113kb)