New Eldorado Mill Site and Samuelson's Rocks - Joshua Tree
National Park

There are many little known sites in Joshua Tree, but you'll have to get off the road and do some hiking to find them. That's what we're doing today. We've driven to the end of Geology Tour Road and are now crunching our way up the steady grade of sandy Pinyon Wash. Join us as we check out Pinyon Well and the site of the New Eldorado Mill and camp. Next, a short drive will relocate us for another hike. This time we'll set off for the site of John Samuelson's "rocks." In the 1920's, on a rocky hill near his homestead and corral, this Swedish immigrant spent his free time chiseling his own unique political and social commentary, as well as his thoughts on nature and life, on eight massive boulders hidden like Easter eggs on the rocky outcrop. It's a remarkable legacy, yet only a few Joshua Tree visitors even know of their existence, let alone visit them.
Looks like we've got our work cut out for us! If you've done your research and have the coordinates loaded in your GPS, just grab your day pack, camera and mouse, we're going on a couple of virtual hikes! Click on the photo link below to get started.


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