Newberry Cave

We ran into this big boy at the start of our hike. (139kb) He seemed to like us, and showed us the way by pointing with the straw in his mouth. (142kb) There were no trails and due to the heavy vegetation we used our hiking sticks to warn the snakes of our presence. (112kb) There were caves everywhere.  Finding the right one wasn't going to be easy. (164kb) Which way do we go now? (137kb)
The stickers were really annoying and we made many stops to pick them from our socks. (121kb) This fat caterpillar was loving the spring vegetation. (101kb) 08.jpg (81kb) silverpuff (50kb) We picked up several hitchhikers as we tramped through the brush. (83kb)
Some of the rocks were covered with what appeared to be calcite. (117kb) This desert five-spot is a member of the mallow family. (153kb) 13.jpg (51kb) These guys were all over the place. (56kb) We were about to give up and try another canyon tomorrow when we rounded a large boulder and saw the entrance to Newberry Cave. (119kb)
We begin exploring the cave. (100kb) In the entrance were the 3,000 year old multi-colored pictographs. (111kb) These are of a unique style that is found nowhere else in California. (114kb) 19.jpg (98kb) This authentic bit of historic graffiti has been penciled over by some moron. (110kb)
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