Opal Mountain

Colorful jasper flakes. (133kb) Jasper flake and bones. (131kb) more jasper (133kb) Mortero shows evidence of Indian habitation. (133kb) 05.jpg (130kb)
Niki takes a photo from the top of the waterfall. (101kb) Looking over the falls. (83kb) Notice how the water has smoothed the rock surface. (65kb) A view of the canyon bottom. (93kb) Looking back at the waterfall. (88kb)
Jamie finds one of our space probes. (102kb) chalcedony (109kb) Niki digs on a vein of light green opal. (103kb) The hillside is steep. (115kb) Seems of white opal in the canyon bottom. (116kb)
Looking up at Niki from the canyon bottom.  Can you see her? (65kb) A frozen pool of water. (93kb) lichen (102kb) Closeup of ice. (82kb) 20.jpg (83kb)
Another view of an opal vein. (100kb) Waterfall seen from below as Jamie climbs out of the canyon. (80kb) We park at an old mine site. (64kb) The shaft. (63kb)