Pictographs in the Tehachapi Mountainsphotos

Burham Canyon pictographsThe Burham Canyon site, CA-KER-273, is an amazing spot. Its jumbled bedrock granite boulders not only contain cave-like rock shelters once used by the Kitanemuk and Kawaiisu Indians, but they also form the perfect protected 'canvas' for what has been called "one of the most elaborate and well preserved pictograph panels in southern California." With an introduction like that, wouldn't you want to see this large panel done in red, white, black, orange, and yellow? Well, we sure did and, fortunately, the Kern County Archaeological Society bulletin showed that a field trip to this site was being led by everyone's favorite husband and wife archaeology team of Jack and Gale Sprague! These two lead awesome trips characterized by high energy and incredible knowledge of each location. Fortunately, we're able to get our names on the list early before the 15 person limit is reached, and today we find ourselves standing in a muddy dirt lot hobnobbing with other rock art fanatics as we wait for the call to move out.

Would you like to join us for a look at this site, as well as a couple of smaller ones in the area? If that bellowing noise was a "Yes," then you can just roll your recliner into the line of vehicles and follow us up into the muddy canyons of the Techahapis on our cyber-quest for this gorgeous bit of timeless art. We'd recommend that you use your off-road recliner, though, 'cause the trails are rough and the mud is slippery! Also, there's a dusting of snow on the high ridges so you might grab a blanket and pop some hot chocolate in the microwave. Ready now? Let's click on the photo link below to get started.


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