Rainbow Basin & Vicinity

Soms odds and ends from the Coolgardie site. (141kb) There was a nice collection of old cars and parts. (69kb) 03.jpg (37kb) 04.jpg (35kb) 05.jpg (68kb)
The timbering of an old shaft. (97kb) Entering the Rainbow Basin area. (54kb) 08.jpg (36kb) 09.jpg (81kb) You expected a funny comment on this one? (77kb)
11.jpg (62kb) Niki shows off her climbing skills. (42kb) A great sunset. (45kb) 14.jpg (41kb) Prowling around the next morning. (100kb)
A tarantula came trotting on tiptoes. (121kb) While searching for a geocache we came upon a baby tortoise. (96kb) 18.jpg (91kb) Jamie negotiates a rugged ridge in search of that pesky geocache. (100kb) Finally, here it is.  Jamie signs the log book. (90kb)
The geocache. (93kb)