The Rex Mine photos

ore binSeveral months ago Dezdan related to us that he had spent hours rebuilding the road to the Rex Mine, an old gold mine located in the foothills of the southwest Providence Mountains near Kelso. Unfortunately, by the time he was finally able to reach the mine, there wasn't any time left to explore it! He did, however, mention to us that he saw two cabins there and that he had "a guess" about them and asked that if we were ever in the area to let him know what we thought of them. The Dzrtgrls, like moths to a flame, are strongly attracted to mysteries. What was it about the cabins? Why was Dan being so coy?

So, here we are on a cold and windy day in February, slowly jouncing over the track that Dezdan had "rebuilt." It's not a long road, but it makes up for it in countless steep and rocky wash crossings. Nonetheless, the Lizardmobile has slithered onward and we can already see what looks like an ore bin on the hill near the mine. The cabins, though, are still out of sight. If you're curious, too, and want to explore the Rex with us, then just click on the photo link below. Your kidneys will thank you 'cause the virtual road is in a lot better shape!

Click here for photos - part 1.

Click here for photos - part 2.