Rockhouse Canyon Cowboys and Indians – Anza-Borrego Desert State Parkphotos

line shack in Rockhouse CanyonRockhouse Canyon (the southern one, there’s another in the north part of the park) is accessed off of Carrizo Canyon, which runs to the south as you’re headed toward Bow Willow Campground from County Route S2. Rockhouse Canyon itself is oriented east/west and the simple way to visit it is to drive up the sometimes sandy lower part of Carrizo Canyon for a bit over three miles and then park on the right, at the mouth of the canyon. We’ve done some pre-dawn driving to arrive at the trailhead just after sunrise and are currently getting our daypacks and cameras ready for the hike. The carrot at the end of the canyon, some three miles away and about 750’ higher up, is one of the few surviving line shacks that were built back in the cattle ranching days. This one was built in the 1930’s when the McCain family ranged cattle through numerous desert canyons during the more hospitable winter months. The line shack was built partially against some large boulders in an area of seasonal springs. These springs, we’ve no doubt, also attracted some earlier prehistoric inhabitants and we’re hoping to find some evidence of their existence in this area, too. Of course, we’ll be on the lookout for plants in bloom and critters, as well. One other aspect of this area is that it’s known to contain pegmatite dikes. These often produce some showy mineral samples so we’ll be keeping our eyes open for them as well. Sounds like a busy day, eh? ‘Course, if we don’t get going, we won’t see a thing! Since you’re here already, why don’t you join in and see what turns up by clicking on the photo link below!