Rodman Mountains

Heading south on the pole line road.  Rodman Mountains in background. (53kb) cholla (91kb) Another cholla. (131kb) Approaching the Silver Bell Mine. (71kb) Parked at the mine site. (83kb)
rock cabin ruins (87kb) water tank (103kb) can dump (125kb) local lizard (149kb) Old car and mill ruins. (108kb)
Boiler? (71kb) mine shaft (109kb) Looking into the shaft. (92kb) A view from above the mill ruins. (80kb) A prospect south of the Silver Bell Mine. (111kb)
Niki explores a shallow adit. (84kb) Looking north from the prospect pits. (83kb) 18.jpg (46kb) The wash leading to the petroglyph area. (73kb) Recent rains have left pools of water in the rock depressions. (85kb)
desert globemallow (135kb) One of the many wildflowers in bloom. (93kb) We're always amazed at the number of lizard sightings at this location. (78kb) Jamie photographing the petroglyphs. (68kb) big horn sheep (63kb)
another big horn (78kb) This is our favorite big horn petroglyph. (71kb) Take me to your leader. (93kb) lichen (117kb) Niki chases the lizards. (93kb)
A view from the west rim of the canyon. (105kb) Niki photographing a lizard and dragonfly. (97kb) 33.jpg (108kb) dragonfly (33kb) Another view of the dragonfly. (42kb)
Some of the revarnished petroglyphs may be as old as 10,000 years. (62kb) yoni (57kb) 38.jpg (108kb) 40.jpg (69kb) polycephalus, or many headed, cactus (139kb)
beetle (116kb) 43.jpg (51kb) While eating lunch a swarm of Jeeps joined us. (48kb) They were from the Drifters Jeep Club Inc. (44kb) This was only about half of them. (101kb)
Pitkin cinder cone. (62kb) A cow carcas. (109kb) box car (69kb) Inside the lower tunnel at the Copper Strand Mine. (78kb) Will all this fall down on us? (82kb)
Exiting the tunnel. (35kb) desert trumpet (53kb) cholla (107kb) Niki spots what she thinks is a bug. (143kb) It turns out to be a baby horned lizard. (128kb)
57.jpg (28kb) 58.jpg (89kb) 59.jpg (69kb) power line spider webs (53kb) sun dog (24kb)