If you want a break from the monotony of Highway 15 to Las Vegas, take a break and explore the remains of Rosalie.  Exit the 15 at the Cima off ramp and turn north.  In a little less than two miles look for a dirt road bearing to your right.  In the distance you might be able to see the large tree and the old slag heap that mark the mill ruins.  This ghost town was once the abode of miners working the Copper World Mine on Clark Mountain.  There was a spring here, and a large mill was built to process the ore from the mine.  The interesting aspect of this spot is that the miners, many of them Chinese, decided to burrow into the side of the wash north of the mill.  They dug under a natural tufa cap and had snug little dens!  A hole through the tufa provided ventilation for a stove.  This same technique of impromptu house building can be seen in the Shoshone area.
Rosalie was founded in the 1860's, and as the mine began to fail was turned into the headquarters of the Yates Ranch which operated from 1894 to 1952.  Mill ruins, a giant slag heap, the miners' dens, and a few adobe walls are all that remain.  The town at one time had close to a hundred inhabitants, a post office and store.  There is still plenty to explore, so hike around until you're ready to get back on the asphalt and into the fast lane again.

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