Scouting the Eastern Old Woman
Mountains photos

Do you get excited over locations that are remote and scenic, have lots of old mines and mining history, are dotted by numerous springs and contain significant Indian sites? If the answer is yes, then you're going to like the Old Woman Mountains. The odd name is attributed to the Chemehuevi Indians who called the mountain range no-mop-wits, meaning old woman. They assigned the name because of the remarkably lifelike stone pillar that rises on a ridge above Sunflower Spring. It looks exactly like an old squaw bending forward slightly at the waist as she tends to cooking or camp chores. If you'd like to tag along on our cyber scouting trip, you'll not only see this evocative boulder, but also make stops at Weaver's Well, Sunflower Spring, the Peg Leg Smith boulder inscription, an incredible Indian petroglylph and pictograph site, and finally the Oro Plata Mine. Get comfortable in your virtual 4X4 and click on the picture link below to begin.


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