Snake Gulch Pictographs & West Bench Peublo

After a few minutes of hiking we came to the ruins of an old stone cabin. (75kb) The canyon stretched out before us.   (67kb) In an alcove on the north canyon wall was an area of petroglyphs.   (54kb) The following are some of the pictographs we saw. (61kb) 05.jpg (59kb)
06.jpg (53kb) 07.jpg (51kb) 08.jpg (44kb) 09.jpg (43kb) 10.jpg (54kb)
11.jpg (80kb) 12.jpg (65kb) 13.jpg (51kb) 14.jpg (73kb) 15.jpg (68kb)
16.jpg (57kb) As it began to rain we took shelter under this overhang. (45kb) The Vermillion Cliffs on our way to West Bench Pueblo. (38kb) 19.jpg (58kb) We explore the pueblo site. (64kb)
21.jpg (80kb) 22.jpg (72kb) 23.jpg (78kb) The ground was literally covered with pottery shards. (103kb) 25.jpg (94kb)
Close to the pubelo site were some interesting caves. (51kb) 27.jpg (53kb)