Steam Wells Petroglyphs

This is a fun site. Wear your hiking boots as you will not only have to hike about three quarters of a mile into the wilderness area, but you will also have to do some boulder scrambling to see the prolific handiwork of the ancient Kawaiisu or Southern Paiute shamans.

This area is roughly north of the charming semi-ghost town of Randsburg. Take the Trona Road turn-off from Highway 395 and then turn right onto the graded RM1444 Road. Continue on this road for about 4 miles to a dirt road on your left. This road is signed closed. Time to get your backpack, camera, and water together for a short hike. You will be hiking into a canyon which, many thousands of years ago, contained springs that supported a native campsite. As you enter the canyon scramble up to the boulders on your left to begin your petroglyph hunt.

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