Storm Jade and Rainbow's End Mines -
Joshua Tree National Park photos

The Lizardmobile points its silver snout east as it leaves Joshua Tree National Park on the seldom traveled Black Eagle Mine Road. We're headed into an isolated area first visited by prospectors in the 1890's. It was gold that brought them, but gold isn't the only item on the menu today. Our first stop will be a hike to Barry Storm's Jade Mine. Well, it isn't exactly jade, but the nephrite from this mine still has a very pleasing color. Our next mine, the Rainbow's End, was a copper, gold and silver producer. The typical blues and greens of copper minerals adorn the rocks here. Finally, we'll visit one of those quintessential quirky desert cabins that we all love so much! So, settle into the driver's seat of your trusty virtual 4X4 and click that mouse on the photo link to join us!


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